How To Sign Up for a Meal Plan

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Need Help Choosing a Meal Plan?

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About Your Meal Plan

Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our meal plans were designed with you in mind. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go – we’ve got a plan to fit every appetite.


Swipe Plans 

Swipe Plans are built to give you the best value for your dollar on campus. These plans are open to the entire campus community. Whether you're a professor, commuter student or staff member of Ambrose University, we want YOU to experience great food! 

Flex Dollars 

Also known as 'Declining Balance', are available in our mandatory meal plans for residence students, amount depend on the meal plan purchased. Flex Dollars act as money on your student card and can be used at Origin coffee co. and eatery and the vending machines. Cannot be redeemed for cash.  Residence students will have $150 loaded onto their accounts to use at Origin, Waves, Dominos, and at vending machines. 

Meal Swipes 

The building blocks of our meal plans are meal swipes, which are used at our cafeteria, The Calf. Once you have a Meal Plan, your student or faculty ID works like a debit card. Just swipe and go!


Board Meal Plans

Are you living in residence? You are already a member, Welcome! With your student card you have access to the cafeteria with just a swipe. Come see us in The Calf for your dining needs. Your swipes are not transferrable and must be used by you!  Visit the Board Meal Plans  on the  Tuition and Fees page at ambrose.edu.

Voluntary Swipe Plans 

Commuter/Staff/Faculty- the best value for you is a Swipe Plan! Pay a reduced rate based on the number of swipes you purchase. Enjoy gaining access to The Calf with a swipe at any meal period 

Not ready to commit- no problem- pay a door rate & enjoy your meal

ONE SWIPE PER ENTRY- ONE SWIPE gets you 1 MAIN & 2 SIDES, plus a drink. Please see daily signage posted to help you navigate the menu 

Residence Meal Plan and Cafeteria Hours 2021-2022

All meal plans have a limit of 3 swipes per day, one for the breakfast hours, up to a max of two for the lunch period and up to a max of two for the supper period- weekdays. Swipes will have a limit of 3 per day, up to a max of two for the brunch period and up to a max of two for the supper period- weekends. Residence swipes are non-transferable as in they are not to buy meals for their commuter friends. 


Ready to dig in? Purchase your Swipe Plan at the finance office

If you are not ready to purchase a meal plan then you can pay the door rate at The Calf. 

Walk up purchasing will be offered: 

$7.50 Breakfast 

$9.50 Lunch 

$11.50 Supper 

This will include one main, two sides and a beverage. Mix and match from your favorite stations and menu offerings to create your perfect meal!